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The annual EFPSA Congress, always organized by a different member country, fascinates and inspires about 300 psychology students from all over Europe every year again. With its agenda rich of various scientific contributions and opportunities for cultural and social exchange, the congress is the outstanding highlight of the EFPSA year. Every congress has a different topic, on which various lectures, workshops and poster presentations are held by professionals and students. Social events like the cultural evening, where every participating country presents itself by offering traditional food and drinks, excursions to places of interest or a traditional dinner from the host country enrich the agenda of this week and make it a truly unforgettable experience. Want to know more about the EFPSA congress? Click here!

The Train the Trainers Summer School (TtT) contains one week of intensive training, in which psychology students from all over Europe learn the basic skills of planning, gather knowledge, provide and evaluate training on various areas. During this week you will receive feedback on your work from both the trainers and other participants, which provides self-reflection and personal development. The TtT provides the first step into becoming a certified EFPSA trainer. Click here to find out more!

The European Summer School (ESS) is the perfect start of a career as a researcher or an opportunity for everyone who is interested in research to learn more about all the details. It is a one week long, meeting point for more than thirty students, six Ph.Ds, and a group of invited speakers. Under a theme that changes each year, the ESS explores aspects of contemporary psychological research, practice, and direction. Crucially for students, the summer school is a platform to begin work on conducting cross-cultural research in their fields of interest. The ESS has been organized annually since 2007; each year taking place in a new country, hosted by several of its own psychology students. Click here to find out more!

The EFPSA Conference. A side from  the annual EFPSA Congress there is a EFPSA Conference, which takes place every two years. The conference is a four days scientific event and is build up around a relevant theme within psychology. During the conference there are various lectures, workshops, discussion panels, student presentations and much more delivered by professionals and peers. The conference provides the participants new perspectives within psychology. The congress and conference seem very similar, however there is a difference between the two events. The congress is based on a scientific and a social programme, in which participants have the opportunity to meet new people and learn about EFPSA as an organization. During the conference the focus is more on the scientific programme. Click here to find out more!



Travel Network is the service, which gives students the opportunity to travel all around Europe without accommodation costs. Psychology students offer each other to sleep for free at their homes and so they get the chance to meet young colleagues, their cities and universities in a relaxed way. Click here to join the Facebook group and here to find out more about the Study and Travel Abroad Service!

The Study Abroad service aims to enhance the mobility of psychology students who are interested in studying psychology throughout Europe. The role of the service is to supply psychology students with sufficient, up to date information on how to go and study in more than 32 European countries, providing guidelines right from the first step of the studying abroad process. Internship information is coming soon too! Click here to go to their amazing website!

The Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS). One of EFPSA’s most famous services is their online, open-access, double-blind, peer reviewed journal for psychology students worldwide! JEPS is an acknowledged scientific journal, which provides psychology students the opportunity to review their research by professionals and, when off sufficient quality, publish their research. Through this way JEPS provides psychology students a unique chance to gain experience in the process of research and the opportunity to publish their research, without the competition of scientist with years of experience. Are you interested in the published articles or passionate to publish your own research? Go to the website:

The Junior Researcher Programme (JRP). After completing the European Summer School (ESS) students have the opportunity to continue in the Junior Research Programme (JRP). You can read more about the European Summer School below. This programme contains thirteen months of active research with a group of six international students under supervision of a PhD mentor, in which you will run through the research process from beginning till the end. Part of this programme is  publishing in JEPS, a presentation during the EFPSA Congress and a short closing research internship, currently on the University of Cambridge. An amazing and instructive experience for a future researcher! Click here to find out more!