Blameworthy – Theatre play

BelvalExpress presents


Written and directed by Natacha Stevenin

Performed by BelvalExpress Theater 

“Tick… Tock… Dominated by the clock… Tick… Tock… I beg you to stop…”

Six people of different ages wake up all alone in the interrogation room of the “New Justice” Police Department. None of them knows why they are being detained in such a cold and unwelcoming place. All are convinced that there must be a mistake.

“For goodness sake, I’ve done nothing wrong! Nothing!”

That is what Asher, Charlie, Dennis, Margarethe, Scarlett and Ryan are convinced of… Until their conscience appears on stage and forces them to face up to their guilt.

The tragicomedy “Blameworthy” is inspired by social psychology and addresses the topics of responsibility and guilt.

Content and trigger warning: The play contains scenes of bullying and sexual assault.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental.

Come and enjoy this original play for free!